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About Us

The Full Moon Arts Center, housed in an 1865 renovated barn and stable, came into existence in 2005 under the inspiration and leadership of conceptual artist Ronnie Wiener, with the express intent of creating a space and environment to allow artists of varying disciplines to create visionary work. Whether art, music, dance, performing arts or poetry, the vision then and now is to allow the spirit of free and unencumbered ideas to flourish, and then to present the result of that effort to the community at large.

Today, 13 years later, still under the influence and creative vision of its original founder, Ronnie has welcomed a new group of East End artists to pursue their individual visions in the same collaborative environment.

The Full Moon Arts Center in East Moriches, Long Island

The Full Moon Arts Center in East Moriches, Long Island



East Wing (detail), Jane Kirkwood

East Wing (detail), Jane Kirkwood

The artist Collective

Each of the artists in the Full Moon Arts Center Collective has a long and distinguished career in various disciplines, from painting to photography, mixed media, collage, conceptual art, sculpture and poetry. Learning from each other will influence the work of each member of the Collective. Already in the short time the Collective has been active the influence on each individual has been substantial. We expect to be challenged and enlightened by our fellow artists and look forward to new works that will be achieved through our joint experiences and exposure to each other’s talents and insights.

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Our Location

6 Moriches Avenue
East Moriches, NY, 11940
United States

Open 12 Noon to 6PM - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

From August 10 to September 14

Or By Appointment (917) 608-7333

Dancers from the Metropolitan Opera Corps performing at Full Moon Arts Center - photograph by Travis Magee

Dancers from the Metropolitan Opera Corps performing at Full Moon Arts Center - photograph by Travis Magee

Historical Facts and legend

The Original Barn

The Original Barn


According to historical records…

The barn and stable that house the Full Moon Arts Center were built in 1865, the year President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. The original farm was named Holly Tree after the twin trees to the right of where the garage now stands. The main house was the adjacent mansion fronting Montauk Highway and the property was believed to have extended all the way to the Bay. 

The original owner was a doctor, we believe from England. He lived on the farm with his family. The unverified story is that on returning from Europe, the transport vessel he sailed on was grounded offshore and sank.  All passengers were lost. The only thing recovered was a Linden sapling, which was planted and is the tree now found at the end of the pool. Rumor has it that the spirit of the doctor haunts the east facade of the building that faces the ocean. 

After many years of use as farm buildings and municipal storage buildings the structures deteriorated. In 1985 the property was subdivided and seven lots were purchased by architect Raymond Gomez and his wife, interior designer Mariette Gomez. Their renovation of the barn occurred over the next three years and was completed in 1988.